Peru Corazon De Jesus

Region: Corazon De Jesus

Farm: La Babilla

Farmer: Gilberto Mejia

Growing Altitude: 1850m

Processing: Washed

Tasting Notes: Dried Cherry, Cranberry Juice, Sugarcane


This coffee was purchased from and imported by Cafe Imports



Gilberto Mejia owns the 1-hectare farm La Babilla. He's a young producer who is

dedicated to the production of coffee along with his family. After harvest and

washing, his coffee is dried under shade for 20–30 days.

Peru Corazon De Jesus

  • Due To Our Passion And Own Experience That Coffee Tastes Better Fresh, We Will Ship Orders As We Roast. We Strive To Ship Orders As They Come In As Long As The Coffee Is Fresh But This Can Result Into Our Coffee Being Shipped A Couple Of Days After Order.  Thank You For Your Patience For Great Coffee.

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