Java Riunggunung Estate

Region: Pangalengan, Bandung

Farm: Riunggunung Estate

Growing Altitude: 1600-1650m

Processing: Washed

Variety: Andungsari, Bor Bor, Kopyoi, Lini S795, Sigarauntang, Timor Hybrid

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Heavy Body, Baking Spices


This coffee was purchased from and imported by Cafe Imports. 


Riunggunung Estate is a 10-hectare farm with 9 hectares planted in a selection of different varieties that are commonly found in Java. This lot is from the highest point of the estate, elevation wise. This section of the farm not only develops the most nuanced flavor profile for the coffee, but it is also a somewhat dangerous place for the plants: ON very cold evenings it can potentially frost over, which can devastate production. The stress, however, is part of what contributes to the beauty of the flavor in teh cup.

Coffee is depulped the day after it is picked, then fermented dry for 18 hours before being washed clean of the mucilage. Drying takes about 7–10 days on patios and raised beds: THe coffee starts out on the raised beds for 3 days before being finished on patios.

Java Riunggunung Estate

  • Due To Our Passion And Own Experience That Coffee Tastes Better Fresh, We Will Ship Orders As We Roast. We Strive To Ship Orders As They Come In As Long As The Coffee Is Fresh But This Can Result Into Our Coffee Being Shipped A Couple Of Days After Order.  Thank You For Your Patience For Great Coffee.

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